Open Console — Example: copyright infringement

When you are Copyright holder, how do you

  • contact the website- or domain-name holder to complain about copyright issues?
  • how do you distribute a license for that copyrighted material?
  • can you tell a search engine that you are the owner of the material hence it may be indexed, but for your site alone?
  • can you tell a search engine that you complain about specific material, which should not be indexed?

The current situation on internet is horrible. Google says it gets 1,5 million take-down requests per day. Do other search engines get the same list? Or do they still index that information? The amount is too large to be careful: often artists have their own work taken down, or licensed free work gets blocked. The legal owners of data have no way to publish (and withdraw) their license to third parties.

Claiming ownership

We see various ways to make this work. Probably, there is not a single solution to all needs.

Some cases may be solved by copyright holders to publish hashes of each product they own. (A "hash" is a computed short unique identifier for any row of bytes) Indexers and crawlers could avoid including products with the same hash.

In other solutions, the website owner may publish a key to Open Console, which proves that the copyright holder has given a license for certain material.

Some of these algorithms could also be implemented in DNS. However, Open Console uses Meshy Space interface standards, which make it possible to transport terabytes of data per day: it is far more efficient for bulk.