Open Console — Example: explicit content

"Open Console" is without emotion: it is a communication infrastructure where consumers collect data from publishers. The consumers are not people but applications which need to get some work done. "Open Console" will not transport an image found on a website, but may pass some meta-data of that image around. So, it may pass the message on that someone thinks that a website contains explicit content, but does not have anything to do with either that content nor the rating of that content.

Cultural differences

Especially "explicit content" is perceived very differently, in different corners of the World. (American based) BigTech certainly applies different regulation as (for instance) European based judgers would do. In the current state of internet, American rules are applied which are often in conflict with European law. The "Open Console" let you build competitive applications which follow your local law and morale by fighting biased monopolies.

For this case: multiple organizations maintain lists of websites which should not be visible to children. You can buy network filters which keep those websites away from the computers of the children. Via Open Console, it is simple to share those lists, extend them with information provided by the website owner of rated material, but also flexible rating based on the consumers morale. Some film may be rated 16+ in the USA, and 12+ in France. Some website with hate-speech may be illegal in Europe and acceptable in the USA.

Conflicting needs

Standard crawlers may decide not to collected images from rated websites, while the law enforcement may only want them to fight child porn. "Open Console" only passes meta-data on what other people publish without judgment or interpretation.

Many search infrastructures exclude information very early in the process, for instance by excluding websites with explicit images in the crawl phase. But those exclusions may be useful for some of the end-users: the decision is often made too early. This may even have juridical consequences.