Open Console — The Bigger Picture

Although the first generation of Open Console focusses on contact between Search Engines and website owners to improve the quality of indexing, that is just the first step; the first indication what the infrastructure can be used for. There are potentially many more resources about websites and domain-names which will get a place as well.

Global design

Open Console is collection information about websites. Everyone who has information about a website which might useful for other applications can publish this into our open infrastructure.

We hope not to confuse you: there is a human interface to the collected information, which is called "Open Console", but that information infrastructure itself with application interfaces has the same name. The whole system collects what everyone wants to tell about a certain website, and also organizes the presentation of that data to the website owners.

Open Console does not care who is publishing what: it is to the consumer to judge and interpret the data. It is all about exchanging knowledge about websites and domains in the widest interpretation.


Publishers of information upload publications per website. Potential publications include:

  • helping search engines to crawl and index;
  • sharing knowledge about black-listed domains for email;
  • public efforts to rate the quality of sites or to label them;
  • copyright holders reporting perceived violations
  • reporting phishing sites to the police in the jurisdiction of the website
  • sharing knowledge about sexual content on websites, for child filters;
  • flagging hate speech webpages, mis-information, political content, SEO spam-farms, or out-dated information;
  • tagging a website with "contains food recipes".