Open Console — Forms

Open Console requires a-typical forms, because those are contributed by third parties. Preferably, those forms are designed by groups of people or organizations with a common interest. For instance, by organizations which create email spam-filters, run crawlers, or monitor website response-time.


The forms are telling the third parties how they should work for you. You MAY need to pay for that service. The work by third parties could result in Publications, and MAY involve processing of other Publications.

For instance, a crawler may flag: this page has changed in a sub-website. A translation agency is configured to listen to that notification, and knows that sub-website is written in Spanish. It then spell-checks that page automatically. Okay, that's a far future possibility: there are many simpler set-ups.


Crucial for the forms, is that they have the same high quality to blend into the Open Console common human viewport. Also very important, is that it fits into the website hierarchy and uses proven identities. Harder even: the forms must support smart versioning control. All this can only be achieved via a form abstraction syntax.