Open Console — Identities

Under construction

Personal identity

  • IRMA
  • OpenID
  • OAuth

Implementation !!Under construction!!

Organizational identity

One person can be part of multiple organizations, and play different roles for each of the them. With roles come action rights, like read and write.

Organizations may have Departments, which group a sub-set of the organizations. Departments group sub-sets of the people and their action rights.

Access rights

Some domains have many websites, and some websites will have complex sub-websites. In the easiest case, there is one website without name aliases with homogeneous content so no need to define sub-websites. In reality, the situation usually is far more complex.

Access-rights can be configured per personal or organizational identity.

Managing Identities and access Rights is a crucial part of Meshy Space. That infra-structure can either be integrate with Open Console, or used as third party provider.