Open Console — License

Open Console is an Open infrastructure, but not a privacy-less system. (EU-)law requires everyone to be carefull with data which may contain sensitive information. Hence, the entered configuration is only shown to identities which have the License.

You MAY get a License in which you comply to the Conditions (by-laws) which come with it: you agree on a Contract. The License is always revokable.

Implementation !!Under construction!!

Signing a Contract

Typically, you will have to agree on a set of rules which includes elements like:

  • Requirement to protect the data which is shared;
  • Requirement to refresh the data-set regularly;
  • Requirement to implement "take-downs";
  • Agreement about the use of the processing.

When you agree, you receive a temporary License. The License might need to be updated regularly.


There are different ways Licenses can be implemented. For instance,

  • It could be the public part of public key encryption pair: you can decode what the third party send you.
  • It could also be the private part of public key encryption pair, so you can encode the data, which the other party can decode.
  • Or a shared secret: some random string which is used as token.

Various kinds of Licenses are supported by the underlaying Meshy Space data exchange protocol.